Friday, April 30, 2010

Some Calls we received

Mr X (32years old) thinks we are dogs keeper. He wanted to give us his three 2-3years old dogs. He explained that he has no time to care for them. We asked him to give these three fury friends a chance  and neuter them first before he surrenders them to anybody.He hung up on us…

Mr Y wants to know whether we can spay his cats for him. (What? We are no vets). We could only introduce him to some vets or to Klinik Kembiri.

With the type of calls we received we realised that Malaysian are truly not aware  or are ignorant of what is happening to the unfortunate furry friends that have no homes…. Whatever we are doing may be nothing compared to the number of furry friends suffering out there but, we still need to start somewhere…..

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