Thursday, April 15, 2010

Remember to Visit Us


OUR VERY FIRST EVENT! Please do drop in and support us. We may not have the time to entertain you but we would love to see you all around. We are all so excited about in.

The Star Newspaper and Sin Chew Metro today has a write up on us and on our event.Yesterday’s was the New Straits Time. (Some of us have not seen it ourself….ssh,ssh..ssh.Why? because we are still busy with our daily life and then attending to our furfriends needs, by the time we reached home we are dead tired to read the papers… BUT, we are satisfied and happy at the end of the day as we were not idling away.We actually sleep peacefully and soundly after a fulfilling day)


Xen ♥ said...

hey, I saw your write-up in today's Star. I live in DP so I will def drop by (: will try to recruit some friends too

~lil Leox Adv3nTuRE said...

Hi, saw the ads in The star online today.. Just posted the ads on my FB to get more people to involve..


P!aymore™ said...

Hey there. I have posted the link on my FB to invite more people over. I will be there if I have time. Good luck and good job to you all!

Paws Mission said...

Thanks to all of you for supporting us! See you tomorrow!!