Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Much Dreaded Moment

P2260060 P4010181 Kara, we prayed that you will pull through. You managed to fight against parvo, we believed you will also be able to fight against distemper. We were so wrong …… our hopes were dashed,slashed,stabbed and killed..sobbed,sobbed and our prayers were also not fulfilled when we receive a call to inform us that you have left us.

We are so SORRY that we did not manage to save you…….. We wished we had paid more attention to you, have more time with you…. There were so many people calling to adopt you, but we just wonder why it did not happen… We wish ….haiz… we are forever wishing and hoping the best for all of you here…. We wonder whether we did anything wrong….

Gim was really upset when we told him you did not make it. He adores you but too bad he can’t keep you though he really wish to. He told us he had to sleep next to you while fostering you.You were an angel after the first night.He was so pleased with your good behavior while accompanying him to work. Sigh,sigh…..

WE MISS YOU KARA!!!!! Now you need not have to wait for us to find you a good home. Now you are in Good Hands and in Good Home. Sorry we did not bid Randy farewell. Tell her though we may not openly tell her, she has never been erased from our heart. WE MISS HER TOO!!!

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