Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our First Event

Hmmm…….. finally this is our agreed flyer for our very first event! We hope we are able to find a good home for our furry friends.


Please spread the words around. Do drop in too even if you are not adopting.


Unknown said...

Like to adopt a small dog for my son but we are from Penang. Do you have any branch here in Penang.

Paws Mission said...

Eric please read yesterday's Star for the list of shelter homes in Penang. You can also visit for Jesse and Winson if my memory dont fail me from Penang.There are lotsa Penang. Remember ultimately the parents have to be responsible for the pets. Malaysian kids are busy kids with school activities and homework.We have cases where children get bored with them and parents unwilling to care and dumped back at us.Hope this will not happen and should not have happen.