Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh My God!!!!

We heard about it. We were not very sure and obviously hoping that its untrue until below was circulated and published……….. This is an extract of the letter from a concerned parents of a post graduate to Dr Zainol Ariffin Pawanchee ,Veterinary Control Department,City Hall Health Unit.

DBKL Dog Pound Supplies Young Dogs to UPM , UVH's Students to Practise Surgeries Alive for Examination Purpose.
Vivisection - KL City Hall a supplier to UPM

Concerned Parents
Mar 11, 09 4:48pm
Our children are studying at the faculty of veterinary medicine (UVH) in University Putra Malaysia (UPM) located at Serdang, Selangor.
The dean of the faculty has been using young and healthy dogs for all kinds of experimental and lab tests. Most of the dogs used are less than one year old. Some are pedigrees and believed to be pets lost by their owners. The dogs must be healthy in order to fulfill the university's requirements. )
It is learnt that the post-graduate students obtain the dogs from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall dog pound every week and operate on them in order for them to study the organs and conduct all kind of experiments.
These students are divided into groups and each group is given a young and healthy dog for experimental purposes. The dogs are injected with cancer cells. The cancer cells are left to multiply in their body.
Several forms of treatments are randomly tested upon these animals. In hopes of maintaining the integrity of this experiment, the dogs are made to starve, leaving them dehydrated, howling and highly traumatised.
As these experiments require a long period to produce the results, invasive methods are used on the poor dogs. Apart from this, after the operations, the students do not stitch up the poor dogs properly after operating on them alive to study the organs, this leaves the dogs' intestines dangling outside the stomach while the dogs are still alive.
Sometimes, the post-graduate students euthanise a dog but do not ensure that the dog has died. The dog is put in the cold room?(or something like that) waiting for disposal. The next day, when the staff went to get the carcasses of the animals, what did the staff see?
The dead dog was in a posture that showed that it was trying to crawl out with all its entrails hanging out, eyes popped out - frozen - of course.
What did the posture of the dog indicate? That it was not dead yet at the time it was put in the cold room. There was a big hue and cry after that incident. We just can't begin to imagine the excruciating pain and trauma that the poor dog went through before it died or froze to death. All this due to the endless supply of dogs from KL City Hall's dog pound.
During the experiments, the dogs are subjected to constant pain as the cancer progresses. Such an act is an act of cruelty against these innocent animals. How much they must be hoping that they could just kill themselves.
The dogs are confined in small kennels behind UPM-UVH post-mortem lab while some are kept in old and rusty cages in the post-mortem lab. The place is in horrendous, appalling and in a dreadful condition.
We have come to know that UPM organises annual events to help in raising funds for taking care of stray dogs . Every year a dogathon event in August is run by UPM to raise funds for these strays. It serves as a platform to address the issue of stray dog awareness.
But on the other hand, young and healthy dogs are being used for research.

Can you imagine how traumatized the student must be? To tell and describe what is happening and happened, what he feels and saw to his parents????? It must be a very terrifying experience and if someone can digest all that with no feelings, he must be very COLD…..

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