Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hugs & Kisses


Auntie Kiew smsed us yesterday telling us Ah Wong went to the puppy shelter crying for help in the morning. The Indian guy from fish pond saw her vomiting . When Auntie Kiew reached there late afternoon, Ah Wong was lying in the drain motionless.

We sent both of them to the vet but we are still TOO late. They did not pull through the illness.


Wong, Angels will keep watch over you
As you dream and rest...

Dear Dangdut, Sleep tight, sweet dreams,
Don’t let the bedbugs bite…

I tiptoed into the isolation room,
Not wanting to wake both of them up,
I wanted to sneak a peek and see how they are recovering.
They were lying on their sides like how they usually nap under the car.

I’m gonna get them this time.
Finally I’ve got my chance to pat them. I can finally hug them.
But it felt different this time.
I have always thought dogs have very short breath,
their chests always moving too fast even during their sleep.

This time it was different.
They were sleeping so soundly, dreaming about angels,
resting beside God.

I know it's hard to say goodbye,
But in my thoughts and heart you'll stay
Until again we meet.

R.I.P. Ah Wong & Dangdut ♥

Dangdut feeling helpless looking at her mum suferring

Dear All,

This is the saddest part of our mission.Our resident dogs are the victims. Why? Because they are still weary of humans and if we can ever get the chance to touch them, its not a good sign. It means they are in pain and wants to know what its like to be hugged before they leave. Very heartbreaking. We never get the chance to vacinate them and that is why the unvaccinated dogs are the first to suffer.

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havetailwillwag said...

i'm so sorry about dangdut and ahwong.. it seems like you have all been going through a lot of sadness lately.. please continue to be strong and keep up the good work you are doing. do not be discouraged. ah wong and dangdut and the other who crossed the rainbow bridge are in a better place now i'm sure. thank you for caring about every dog so very much.