Thursday, March 18, 2010

When Godiva became McD's Sundae

We rescued Godiva from Puchong pound together with Dino, Jimmy White & Lucky Myra. Renamed her Godiva as she has beautiful CHOCOLATE coloured coat & her sweet nature. Everyone falls in love with her lovely chocolate coat.

Clarence from PJ came to our shed to look for a puppy to be a companion for his 5-month-old Doberman, Thunder. Both Clarence & gf adore Godiva right away as Godiva was wagging her tail non-stop & asking them to manja her.

Update from Clarence on 16/03/2010:
"She's under quarantine in my car porch for 2 weeks, as advised by vet. Started to treat her ticks, yeast (genetic fungus) & heartguard. She refused to eat dog biscuit, now mixing with ceasar's wet food then she eats. Must get her to eat normal dog food slowly. Got a bit of cough & refuse to eat Omega tablet. Will get her better taste one to try. She likes Greenies & multi-vit though. Vaccinations can only be done 2 weeks later when she's healthier. She loves being with human but atimid towards other dog. Now trying to get her feel comfortable by introducing Thunder to her everyday about 5 minutes. We renamed her "Sundae" becos she is sweet & color like McD;s Chocolare sundae (Brown & White). will bring her to vet if her cough persist. Hopefully she can move to my room soon"

Fyi, Clarence stays in the Guest room & Thunder the doberman stays in his Master bedroom. Reason?
There is a washroom attached to Master bedroom & Thunder needs a bathroom to do his business.

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havetailwillwag said...

i love happy endings!!! godiva/sundae is so beautiful and her adopters sound terrific!