Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Never ending Problems…….

We received the sms from Aunty Kiew on Thursday night.

" 2 hari tak nampak black ki (Ah boy;s mum) sama amui (Ah boy's sis), susah hati saya, Hilang atau bandaraya tangkap. tak tahu hati sangat susah cari panggil tak nampak"

Mrs Lai & Aunty Kiew went to the pound to look for them. Were relief that they were not there.

On Friday night

Message from Aunty Kiew " Tadi masok hutan belakang rumah jam 7 hujan pupis cry kuat basah semua takut. mak dia pun tak nampak , sedih la nasi tak lalu makan mis my dog"

The 3 puppies around 1week old are taken back by her to foster as the mum is missing.

We planned to search for them in the secondary jungle opposite the riverside this evening with the help of Apple and friends.P1210593

This morning Aunty Kiew called ….shattered as ever… Blackie’s body was found all bloated up in a drain!!!!!…..sigh,sigh….weep,weep……..that is the life of a stray…….. We are just lost…… words to describe and to express how we all feel……… only God knows….. Is she poisoned?

We just pray Sai Mui is hiding somewhere ……

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