Friday, March 5, 2010

Millie & Mylie

P1010008 P1010010


P1010031 They are co nstantly under mummy’s watchful eyes

Yes two more available. They are sisters and they are from Selayang. Edward, they were rescued with their mummy before the pound personnel steps in.

Millie was returned yesterday after been adopted on Sunday by Alice. The reason been Millie misses her mum and treated Alice’s ‘daughter’ the Shih Tzu as her ‘mum’! Kept on chasing the Shih Tzu and this irritated her . She too has been whining every night. Poor Millie. Now she is happily running around with her mum and sister. Off course this is no place for them to grow up. They need a better place to call Home. If you have a place for them please drop in our shed.

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