Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life goes on ………….

Kim demonstrates how we marinate the puppy with 'olive oil-kunyit' mixture

Despite our worries for the future of our furry friends, the haunt of the Councils and managing our funds, we still have to do what need to be done. We just can not give up at this juncture. We still need help and we are glad that Apple and friends stumbled upon our blog and came to assist us. We need more young energetic people to help these poor furry friends.


Leena:Hey, why are you all yellow?

Cody:Don’t you know these Aunties said applying kunyit does help my skin condition.

Leena: Huh? I thought you are already on Dr’s medication?

Cody: Arh! Whatever good for me as long as I don’t suffer, its ok. Didnt you see ET licking me just now. I must have tasted good too.


Leena-I dont want kunyit paste on me!!!!!

camera pictures 024 Don’t you think I look pretty after a bath?


            Jody: Whatever. Kunyit or no kunyit kibbles still taste good

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