Saturday, March 13, 2010

Going To A Better Home


Careful, dont drop Wally


Come let Kong-Kong sayang you

Uncle Loh was kind of quiet when he was here as his previous companion pet just passed away.When he finally saw Wally he was instantly attracted to his beautiful black coat and gentle nature. So off he goes home with Uncle Loh who could not be more than happy to carry him when he saw that his grandson don’t seem to be able to carry him properly. Uncle Loh you will not regret having Wally by your side. He is definitely a good companion.


“Puppy has been very good and obedient for the past week and not forgetting very adorable we love her very much. Will be bringing her for her first vaccination” that is from Yvvone who is from Melaka. Sounds happy and please huh?


Ally was captivated by Simon’s playfulness when she came over to see the puppies and finally she decided to come in for the second time to take her home as a companion for her poodle.Well, Ally I am sure Simon will be a good companion.

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