Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dino Has Its Day

Dino (Right) & Jimmy White (Left) 'used to' belong to Sam's neighbour. The uncle only provided food & shelter to them. When the dog catcher caught all 4 of them (Another 2 female dogs), the uncle had no intention to claim them back.
We claimed them back from the pound & kept them at the shed since Saturday.
When Wilson & K.K. saw Dino on Sunday, they decided to adopt this handsome boy. They love his shiny white coat. (Teehee! Luckily we bathed Dino the day before).
Hi Daddys, I can't wait to go home with you.

Wilson: Let me check your teeth...

K.K.: C'mon Dino! Lets go home now!

Now Jimmy White is a lil bit depressed as his good buddy, Dino has gone home with Wilson & K.K.

Jimmy White is approx 1~2 yr old. This good natured dog weighs around 12kg. He has shiny white coat & a pair of soulful grey eyes. He is obedient & understands the command "Come". He is grass-trained i.e. does his business on grass only.

Jimmy, just be patient ya! I'm sure u find a loving home soon.

**Update** [16/3/10]

Wilson smsed us n said that they like Dino very much as he is very obedient. They have not renamed him yet as they couldn't decide what dialect they want to teach Dino. (Hahaha)

So, the saying "adult dogs are normally stubborn & not easy to trained" is definitely a MYTH. No dogs is untrainable!

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vivienne said...

OH~Jimmy good boy....hope you will found a good home very soon^^