Monday, March 8, 2010

Another dog house in the making

Apple, together with her friends Gim and gang came to the shed again last Sunday to make another dog house for our pups here. Mind you they are all very seriuos helpers and they have brought all the necessary equipment to the shed. They started work from 11am and see the results:

Tire looking gentlemen....

wow, see the half completed dog house....

Designer and contributor, Gim, he really has a very good artwork!!

Very unique and special "bungalow" ya?

I bet you will never get to buy this special design dog house in the market!!

They still have not completed the dog house by 7pm!! Never mind, you can always continue next week. See, this is how serious they are at work.
We truly appreciate your help...hope more young people will volunteer their time for our pups here. Thanks again, our dear friends.
Our 4-legged friends would love to see you all again!

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