Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update on Fuji

We received mails from Melissa about Fuji, it is great to know that our pups has gone to a good home.

"Dear,Mdm. Fan & Mrs. Lai.

Fuji is well, and is getting along very well with his new invironment. Indeed he is very playful and intelligent. However he loves chewing and biting just about anything he can get close to.

Therefore a little obedience training would help. Even at day 2 with us he have understand the command "No". What a smart puppy.

The family would prefer to call him Rexy now. And everyone loves having him around. I will keep you updated with more pictures of him in the near future.

Thanks & Regards,


We have to admit that our rescue work is tiring, but reading the mail from adopters about their pet's update, it is rewarding , isn't it?

Here are the photos of Fuji in melissa's house.

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