Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time Flies….

We started the day sad as Gumball left us early in the morning. After burying him with the rest of our puppies that has left us, we have to attend to our other issues.

We need to bath as many puppies as possible as they are due for their vaccination


Oh dear, Aunty Kiew says “There is water rationing here, please do not use too much water”


‘Yes its vaccination day again. Dr Lee is coming to our shed. Its going to be the 3rd jab for some of them.

P2160094 Look who is here?


Ah ha! our handsome Little Lar Char Mau is back!


AK:Lar Cha Mau, Aunty Kiew miss you "

LCM: I miss you too Aunty Kiew. Did you prepare any delicious chicken rice for me?

P2160097 Yummy, yummy…….mm….delicio….us…….

P2160098 Been the guest of honour. You get to be vaccinated first.

P2160102Next…. Rocky..

P2160101 You too Sasa (Little ET) but we can’t carry you. You are a big girl now.

P2160093Aiyah! Why must you rush to be vaccinated? See you ended up been attacked by Sasa. Be patient.



Before he leaves, he found a piece of bone . Frosty, Frosty….forever looking for food around.

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