Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thank you for your time...

2 Legged Che-ches on behalf of the furry friends Thank you for giving me my first bath. I hope to see you all here more often and hopefully more people will come and give us the attention we are deprived off.

Dog lovers Apple and her sister Xuan together with their friend Rachel came to the shed to spend their time with our pups. Thank you for offering to help Aunty Kiew to feed the dogs and pups, clean the shed and help to bath the pups. Aunty Kiew certainly need your help and we all appreciate it very very much.

We need more people like this 3 young and energetic girls to help in the shed because the number of rescued pups are growing. Please come forward and our 4 legged friends here are so anxious to meet new 2 legged friends. Hei, how about any male volunteers??

Ya...not forgetting Aiwee Liong and Nicole Lee, they have never failed to turn up during weekends to offer their help to Aunty Kiew. They are also helping out in administering our facebook!! Ya, for those of you who have not heard of our facebook, please do visit Paws Tales. Please invite your friends to join our facebook and spread the link to as many friends as possible.

Thank you to all of you...You all have ease a lot of our burden. We will not be able to move forward without your support.

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