Thursday, February 25, 2010

Size Doesn't Matter

TinkerBell: Belle Jiejie, you let me out to play with you lar! I'm so bored in the cage!
Belle Belle: No! Sam jiejie will scold me!
Belle Belle: I sit next to your cage & we chit chat?
Tinkerbell: No! I don't wanna fren you if you don't let me out!
Belle Belle: OkOk. Gimme Five & we strike a deal.
Tinkerbell: Yay!
Jojo the Silky Terrier: Tinker!!!! Why are you out?! Go back to the cage n sleep! *Keep pushing Tinker back to her cage*
Tinkerbell: Goodnite Belle JieJie! We play again tomorrow ya~
Belle Belle: Nite Nite Tinker!

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