Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Greatest Fear…..

We have yet to see the eviction letter from the Authority as it was sent to the temple committee. Its seems that our D Day is on the 27th of this month… We are lost at the moment……what shall we do?

The 8 new little pups still need medical treatment for their skin before anyone one will adopt them unless they are understanding enough to treat them themselves. They are very cute and innocent if only one were to really spend some time to discover their innocence.

Our 17 rescued 3to4 months puppies and dogs, where will they go?

Will they harm our resident dogs?

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straydog said...

ask sabrina yeap at furry friends farm if they can help to house the dogs first.
if they agree, then raise donations to help for dogs' upkeep and medical care while action is taken to rehome them.
also need to arrange transport to take them to furry friends farm.