Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New pup for Adoption

lina 003

She was spotted loitering near a coffee shop aimlessly. Such scene of a helpless little one all alone does affect us, we just need to do something.After one sleepless night for rescuer,she is brought back to our shed and we named her Leena with a slight twist of rescuer’s name. Hee,hee,hee…we actually run out of names for our pups here.

She is obviously up for adoption. Whoever can give her a loving home and proper care is most welcome .

After 2 days with us we found that she is attention seeking (which pups doesn’t want to be pampered?)and brave for such a young puppy. She is around 7weeks and will grow to be a medium sized dog. Will definitely be a good companion as well as a good guard dog.

Leena may not be a beauty YET but with proper food and care we believe not only will she be a beauty physically but in every aspect. While waiting for the right owner to come along she will receive all the attention we are able to give her here.

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