Thursday, February 4, 2010

More residents

If Aunty Kiew could nurse her rescued kittens and puppies, I think she would. S he would be a good surrogate mother who would give the best to them.You can see that none of the dogs here are skin and bones but they should in fact go on a diet!

When Aunty Kiew saw these two puppies found by her friend yesterday, she felt very disturbed knowing that they do not have food for the past few days. So here they are back at the temple.


If you would like to share your love and home with these 2 pups , Munchy and Scrabby,please call us.

P2040853 P2040855

Little Tinkerbell is about 10days old. He is found inside a plastic bag in the market.

Who is the human who would and could put a living thing in a PLASTIC bag????

I just could not think of an appropriate word to describe whoever it is.

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