Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Excuse me…Uncle..

“Excuse me Uncle.when we say we found new puppies, we do not jump with joy”

Uncle thinks we are selling puppies. What a thought he has. He does see us collecting money from kind adopters who donates to support our work,some will reimburse us for the puppies who had their vaccinations. We have to remind him about the medical care we seek for all the problem pups. Mind you their medical cost incurred do burn holes in all of our pockets….something which he does not see….isszz.!!


Look at these poor puppies. They sure do need treatment.

What a thought . The last thing that comes to our mind is to MAKE MONEY out of these poor PUPS!!!!



Unknown said...

I think the work you're doing is great. keep it up. dont mind whatever uncle says.

M.Jenn said...

What ''Uncle'' said is soooo not true. It takes a kind heart to do all this things and no one get paid for this job,its just that u are willing to help these unwanted pups/dogs thrown out by human beings :(

Straydog said...

There will always be people who do not understand the type of work that animal rescuers do. Animal rescuers have also to dig into their own pockets when funds are not enough to cover food and medical expenses for the animals. Then there is the pain and heartache when a rescued animal does not survive, not to mention the long hours of rescue work all without a thought of getting a single sen for it but for the satisfaction of saving a four-legged life. Keep up the good work people... good karma for all of you and may all your lives be blessed with happiness and peace.