Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Also available for adoption

gumball1furball2 (6) Gumball Furball

These are the 2 little balls we rescued recently. They were under weight when we took them in.

Gumball was 1.79kg on 1st Feb 2010 and 2.1kg on 6.2.2010

Furball was 1.19kg on 1st Feb2010 and 1.7kg on 6.2.2010

Lydia & pups1 (3)

Their young lovely mother.

Gumball is the fiesty one but then again he can be taught to behave.(He actually listens and understands ‘ No’ means ‘No ‘even though he was with Fan for only a day)

Furrball is the baby, who will whine for attention.A slow eater but have gained weight since he was rescued.

As they are not vaccinated yet they are currently been fostered by Susan who adopted Mandy renamed Lui Lui.Susan is spoiling them and Lui Lui is not too happy with their presence.

If you think you are able to tolerate these 2 little puppies who need alot of attention, you are most welcome to adopt them.

LuiLui Lui Lui with her companion Pooh-pooh taken out for a walk

See how elegant Lui Lui turned out to be will proper care and love.

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