Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Minnie Found a GREAT LOVING home!

Give Me A Home Please.....

Remember Minnie? She has been adopted by Mdm Elsie for almost 3 weeks now. We have not posted her picture here as MdmElsie is camera shy.Don’t worry, we respect your wish.

When Mdm Elsie came to adopt, she specified that she wanted an active, cute, small, female puppy. Minnie automatically came into our mind. Minnie was zapping all round the shed , following Mdm Elsie when she was here and obviously caught her attention too.We are extremely happy to hear Minnie’s updates. From Mdm Elsie’s tone of voice (you can really sense the joy Minnie has brought to her, it was just filled with happiness )updating us on Minnie’s progress we can be assured that Minnie found a GREAT home. I am so happy that you are able to tolerate Minnie’s inquisitive nature. She is really very adorable.

Well if you like Minnie's look, we still have her carbon copy in the temple. Yes. Its her sibling, Rocky! Rocky is just as inquisitive as Minnie and they look exactly alike except that he is a male.

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