Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Midnight Cry for Help

We animal lovers are sometimes been classified as paranoia when we says we can hear the cry of animals in distress. To prove them wrong this is what happened last night.

Aunty Kiew stays on the 5th floor of an apartment besides a river where her stray dogs stay.(Where Sai E stays too). One of them has given birth to 3 puppies.While Aunty Kiews was asleep last night she was awaken by a puppy cry around 12.30am! Unable to ignore the cry, and with the company of her daughter she quickly ran down to investigate. The path to where the puppy cry came from was really eerie especially in the middle of the night. She forgot to bring a torchlight as she was too worried to remember anything other than saving the puppy. Thats Aunty Kiew, selfless in nature. P1210620

The path to the riverside

As she approached the riverside, she panicked as she heard that the cry was from the tall wild grasses down below the hut she built for the family! She quickly ran down to the side of the river and with her bare hands she tried to feel where the puppy was without thinking of any consequences .(Remember there are snakes around. One had even tried to attac k Sai E’s pups previously) Phew! After a frantic search she was relieved she managed to find him and put him back up in the hut.

She quickly put some planks and stones at the side to barricade the puppies from slipping down again.

P1210578 P1210580

This is the little one that slipped and rolled down the side of the river.Luckily it did not rain.


The left creamy one is feisty. He bites.


This is their great great grandmother,Ah Boy’s mother, who came to see what we were doing at the riverside. (Well,if you follow our blog you would know who Ah Boy is. Ah Boy is their great granduncle. Phew! Hope their colony will not multiple anymore with we ladies around. This is not a place to stay though they may be happy with the freedom around)

no tail No tail??


3 of them playing innocently and happily inside the hut Aunty Kiew made for them.Oblivious of what is happening and will happen outside their so called Home

P1210611 P1210613

Aunty Kiew take the opportunity to clear the wild tall grasses behind the hut she built . (Where on earth did she get all those energy to do all these???. I am ashamed to admit I could only stand there to click her actions with my camera ).

We hope to bring back the 3 pups to the shed as soon as our other 3 little ones are adopted in the shed.

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