Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fuji is for adoption

P1150434 P1150429

This i s Fuji. He is playful and observant.He is currently boarding at Fan’s place as Mrs Lai who foster him since he was 3days old is away for a weekend holiday.

Fuji has been vaccinated and been a puppy he still likes to bite and nibble whatever he can get hold of.He has a tinge of whitish and greyish coloured paw and on his lower jaw too! It makes him look as if he is drooling. P1160436 Fuji found a safe place to sleep in the house.It happens to be Leo’s(Fan’s unfriendly 5 year old Yorkie )favourite spot! Leo is not too happy about it.


With the help of Chloe (Leo’s faithful protecter)they are out to shoo him away.


Being unaggressive Leo and Chloe waited patiently for him to come out.


Finally he found his own safe corner

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