Friday, December 25, 2009

What a Relief!!!

When Mrs Lai went to feed the pups the next  morning, Frosty was found outside the shed sleeping. We were relief that he is around but he really dont look well. We decided to bring him and his brother, Bable to see a vet. Our fear was confirmed…it is Parvo. The clinic was too full to house them.Luckily Dr Edmund was reafrosty med lly very kind to help us  find a clinic who has the space for them as they were to be admitted for a few days. So out we go to  Sri Kembangan with the assistance of Dr Liew as we were not familiar with the area. Boy it was a long journey and poor puppies have to endure the long journey. Please pray that these two  will recover soon. It really breaks our heart to see them    suffers.


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