Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We are looking for a home too!




We are the happy threesome! We are glad to tell you that our mama's eyes are recovering well. Know who we are? Yes, we are Sai-E's pups. Mama is very happy to be able to see us now. With the days passed by, we are growing stronger and bigger! Of course with the support of our mama's milk. All the aunties here feel that we are little fatty princesses...

We are about 4 weeks old, aunties say it is time to start looking for a new home for us. Of course we would like to be with our mum forever, but Aunty Kiew has to take care of other pups and she may not have enough time to attend to us, and she finds that nothing beats a loving home.

We have a little wish here, we wish to stay together if possible, we are hoping somebody would be able to take 3 of us home together! We hope we are not too greedy to ask for this.

If you are interested to take us home, please do not forget about Aunty Kiew's number, ok? We will repeat here 016-3579604.

More photos of us...

Keiko...the sleeping beauty...

suck suck mama's milk

it is so nice to be together...

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