Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thank you AnimalCare - one more spayed!

Et junior resting in the shed after the surgery

AnimalCare headed by Dr Chan Kah Yein has once again offered their service to help us in getting one of Aunty Kiew's dog spayed. Kudos to AnimalCare! Here is ET junior, she is recuperating well in the shed after the surgery. Thank you to Dr Chan again for being so patient and her great passion in helping us despite our untimely appointment which has caused her some hassle due to our difficulties in getting the dog to be spayed. We had initially intended to send another bigger dog named "Dangdut" (interesting name by Aunty Kiew, ya?!) but she ran away to her hiding place sensing that we want to "catch" her. (Oh, boy, you all must be curious as to why we have to "catch" and how we "catch" her har?... yes, we have to "catch" the dog instead of "pacifying them" to get them in the car, they are stray dogs, not our normal pet dog, so this is not an easy task!)

Poor little ET had a terrible car sick ride during her journey to Mayo Clinic in Subang Jaya, she started to feel uncomfortable and started to saliva heavily as soon as the car was out of the Old Klang Rd and vomited badly when it was only at OUG area. Mrs Lai, who is transporting her, have to stop to clean up the mess. Luckily she laid some papers on the car seat . When Mrs Lai reached USJ 10 and about to park the car, ET junior vomited again! Oh, dear, according to Mrs Lai, her car as well as the dog were in terrible state. Haha, Mrs Lai used up the whole box of tissue papers to clean her up before she dared to show her to the Vet! Luckily she wagged her tail happily as soon as she was in the clinic.

Little Et was taken back to our shed the following day. She seemed so happy to be home again. We have put her in a big cage so that she can rest without being disturbed by her playmates in the shed. Dr Chan was very concerned about her health after the surgery and was wondering whether there is anybody taking care of her. Thank you to Dr Chan once again for being so supportive and so concern about each and every single case she handles.

As Dr Chan always said, one more spayed, one million life saved!! We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to her, without her help, we may not be able to make this mission possible.

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