Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rehomed Returned and will be Rehomed Again



Our little brothers were adopted last night by Mrs Leong and husband. She felt it was too sad to separate this pair so she decided to take them both as they were considerably small. When they reached home they found that they could not leave them at the car porch as they realized that the gap between their gate was too big and they might squeezed out. As they have no intention of caging or chaining them they have no choice but to leash them but this pair cried the whole night feeling trapped. Mrs Leong been a soft hearted person decided to send them back to the temple.She says she will come back for them when she gets her compound ready so that they can  not escape .A very considerate thought . Mrs Leong don’t worry they will wait for you to bring them back to your loving home.

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