Monday, December 7, 2009

No better moment

There is no better moment than when we knew our pups has truly found a good loving home. Blossom and daughter, Charity who have adopted one of our pup Nescafe has sent us a mail on her progress.

"Yes! she is doing fine...on saturday afternoon, she had her first vaccination & deworm tablet (which she very cleverly spat out many times!!)...tho she had fever, she was ok by evening and was racing about in the house. So far she is IN the HOUSE everyday n not allowed outside at all. Though we have visited my sister's home!!! and Coco has also received visitors!!!We have renamed her 'Coco' ...still trying to train her where to poo n wee n she is slowly getting it.Here are some pics of Coco but be prepared as she is pretty quick, so I have many blur and will later feature her on my blog too. Btw the girl you see in the photo is my daughter, Charity.Do you have any photos of her when she was smaller?"

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