Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Happennings For The Week

Well, well, well it has been a tiring week. Besides what were  posted during the week  so many other things had happened.

   noti NotiPC161239 Minnie & Rocky

Firstly, Kiew found more puppies from the market. We think they are Minnie’s siblings. One looks exactly like Minnie but it is a male and was named Rocky. There was also a black one, Kiki and also a beautiful brindle one named Noti (Naughty). Noti is kept in our confined pen as he very wary of us. We are trying to regain his confidence in humans. He will bark incessantly if we are near him and that is how he got his name.



Next, Bin was creating a scene in the shed. He is territorial and Che Che - who sleeps in the shed too with the puppies - is often chased out. We had to build an additional partition with unwanted planks and materials we could find.

Besides that, we finally managed to catch Dangdut to be spayed and of course we brought good natured Wolfie along


as well. As predicted  the two of them threw up in the car. Dangdut was not very pleased with us .She refused to move and when she was in the clinic, she refused to look at us! On the day they were taken back to the temple, Wolfie was wagging her tail when she saw Mrs Lai but not Dangdut, she must have been fuming mad at what we did to her.

In addition to that, the white pup who has been wary of us since the day we brought her back, passed away. We never really got the chance to touch her but Kiew was bitten by her though. Kiew realised something was amiss when it refused to take her food. When Kiew approached her, to her surprise, the puppy allowed her to carry it and did not attempt to bite her. It seems that the puppy was too exhausted to move. Kiew fed her some glucose and place her in the cage. The puppy sat up and then lied down. The next morning we found her motionless. May she rest in peace



Last but not least for the week that  happened was that Ah Wong’s toughest pup got adopted by Ms Tang. Ms Tang just lost her dear pet. We hope that Ah Wong’s pup will bring her the happiness and joy of owning a pet again.

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