Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Love Knows No Boundaries

When Kiew went to feed the doggies behind her apartment last Sunday evening she was shocked to see Sai E walking towards her like a drunken. She quickly hugged her before she ran onto the road. To her horror she found that her eyes were closed and moist.Oh my God!!!! ! A fight apparently occurred in the afternoon. The fight was between Sai E and a Cobra Snake. Yes….. a Cobra Snake! According to witness around the area a cobra snake spit its venom on to Sai E’s eyes when she tried to protect her puppies from the clutch of the cobra . The cobra is dead…. but…. Sai E is blinded. (So sorry we do not have the picture of the dead cobra as we dare not see it too). As it was already late on a Sunday evening we pratically called all the vet in town and finally found one that could treat her in PJ Old Town. Sai E was very quiet during the whole journey to the vet. She must be in pain We were very relief that we manage to find someone to treat her . We just pray that the venom did not burn her eyes.

Her whole family was brought back to the temple as Sai E can not nurse her puppies and she herself needs medical attention now.

Two of the 3 beautiful puppies

Sai E giving her pups a loving nibble

This afternoon she whined, so we brought her puppies to spend some time with her. She was licking them happily with her eyes closed. We finally place her puppies in a cage next to her so that she can smell her pups.

Sai E really proves how Great a Mother's Love is.

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