Wednesday, December 16, 2009


After reading what has been posted in blog for the day, it does bring tears to all of us here. We truly wish we could help to house some dogs from the pound. They are so pathetic looking. Innocent dead dogs, is it their fault to be in such a bad condition? We are really saddened by the pictures posted by Dr Chan, what more if we were to be there to see them.


They remind me of Ah Wong(the golden brown one) , Mickey(the one with the sad eyes) , Lei Lei( the black puppy on the left) and Tritri( the black one at the right corner of picture) from the temple


A heart breaking sight

mini-CIMG0649[1]Kudos to MDDB for taking this dog!

MDDB, not only take in the above dog to be treated they also have rescued 12 puppies. We really have to thank God to have these good Samaritans around. We really wish we could house a few of these dogs but even rescuing Bin(our first adult dog to be brought in the temple) we encountering teething problem as he is territorial though he has invaded others’ space. In addition to this, looking for an adopter for an adult dog is not an easy task as for a puppy.

Dear animals lovers and owners, all we could ask for is please SPAY or NEUTER your pet and ensure that they do not roam freely without supervision. Many people believe that their pet's puppies or kittens would never become homeless shelter/pound animals. But the reality is that every time the dog finds his way under the fence to visit the neighbour's female dog, or the indoor/outdoor cat comes back home pregnant again, the result is a litter of dogs or cats. Even if they are placed into homes, it is still possible for them to end up in shelters/pound once they become "hard to handle," or for them to reproduce further and for the next generation of puppies or kittens to wind up homeless.

We are here trying very hard to rescue as many as we can, however, we have our own difficulties, we are badly short of human power to handle the dogs and pups especially during the weekdays, Aunty Kiew is the only caretaker if Mrs Lai is not available to help. Besides that we also have to cope within the limited funds we have. The animal supplies is already a problem for us, not to mention about the medical fee. We urge animal lovers out there to lend us your helping hand to provide a better living condition for the dogs while we try our very best to get them rehomed once they are ready.

As some of you who may not be aware where the puppies are from, apart from the Old Klang road market, we have actually rescued 10 puppies from the dog pound, mind you some of them are not human friendly, it took some time for them to build up their confidence to trust human again. These are the group where it takes us the longest time to rehome them, they tend to run away from human touch and only come out for food when everybody is out of sight.

If you would like to be a volunteer for Aunty Kiew, please call her at 016-3579604 or write to us at"

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