Saturday, December 12, 2009

Everyone’s Wish

A number of caring animal lovers have called us to house some of the  dogs from the pound in Klang. We obviously wish we could help BUT  as mentioned we have shortage of manpower to care for them. Our fears is just not manpower. What if they fight when we are not around? ( Though the dogs at the temple  are very tame, but  by nature they are also territorial).  The residents staying around will complain and the Authority will come in and….. I do not know what will happen next……… Will all our effort to at least save some strays and puppies be wiped out completely then?

Hope everyone will understand, the health of the doggies in the temple are good at the moment. We will have to send all new dogs for medical check up too if they were to be kept here and sad to announce we have limited funds to check all doggies here what more for new dogs brought in. Our greatest worry is ‘What if we can’t find a suitable Home for them’.  Are they going to be here until this place is closed up for development? Where will they go? This is not a Dog Santuary…

ANYONE   OUT  THERE  CAN  HELP   US  ???????  We  also wish to help these poor doggies from the pound.

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