Thursday, December 24, 2009

I want more... feed me first

We thought we have no photos to show you all when we were busy attending to Sai-E last Sunday evening when Kiew discovered she was attacked by Cobra snake. It was already almost dark by the time we came back from the vet. We were practically busy looking for a good spot for her to rest and made the bedding, most important of all to also feed her the medication.

Sai-E was extremely calm and cool during the whole journey to the clinic and when she was under treatment by the vet. She is a tough mama, she did not make a single noise at all, even the vet also praised her for her good temperament (for a stray!). The vet cleaned her eyes with saline and to our horror we could not see her eye balls! We can sense that she was in deep pain but deep down in our hearts we knew that she was trying to stay strong and be brave. She has 3 puppies waiting for her! They were sleeping quitely in the car! We softly asked the vet whether she was in pain since the moment she was attacked, Dr gave a firm "Yes!". Our hearts went to her and how we wished we could share her pain.

Good news was that when the vet told us since it was already more than 4 hours after the attack, and she is still alive, this means that she has passed the test, so left with the only problem, which is her eyes, she risks the chance of losing her both eyes if the venom is too strong. We shall monitor it day by day.

After we settled her in the shed, then it was turn for the 3 little pups. Dr has specifically reminded us not to let sai-E feeds her pups because she was given 2 types of jab and she will be under medication. Boy!! are we going to feed them? They are so tiny!! Kim and I looked at each matter how we still have to find way to feed them something! Haha...then Kim took out the milk powder and she made some warm milk, I searched for the little milk bottle, well I have to be the temporary mama for them. We decided to feed them using milk bottle.

So, here are the pictures, (thanks to Ken who has taken the photos using his handphone without our knowledge while we were like a busy bee) We can't wait to share with you all, do you think they like it?? We were worried they will reject it but to our surprise, they drank it almost instantly. See, they took turn to drink the milk, then fell asleep in a row like a sleeping beauty!! Ooppps! I later found out that they are all girls!!

Well princesses, you are in safe hands, we will find you a good home when you are ready!

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