Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wong…you are not neglected

We have been writing and talking so much about Wolfie and her pups and poor Ah Wong seems to be neglected. Neglected in terms of attention but never on food as we know that Ah Wong needs a lot of nutrients to wean her puppies. Last evening, I decided to pay Ah Wong a visit. Wah la! Her puppies are just as cute as Tritri’s and Wolfie’s. We also have 2 little panda in making. Their markings are very beautiful and unique. Sad to say they are not allow to come to the shed as Ah Wong doesn’t get along with Tritri and Wolfie. She is an alpha but Tritri and Wolfie is not a ‘Yes’ lady either. They have a mind on their own. That is the trouble with dogs they are territorial and it does make our lives difficult.

Look at herPB230785 tail. It looks like a raccoon's tail!

Hmmm… sniff..sniff first before coming out from their hiding placePB230774

Ok everything seems fine.WePB230770 can come out. PB230779

Mum says we can eat this too


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