Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So Near Yet So......Far

Wahh La!! With the help of the temple caretaker, the E-collar around Nancy’s neck was pulled off. Poor Nancy, they must have been very rough on her. There are cuts o n her neck under her

Sad but true when i visited the doggies at the temple, i saw Nancy resting in her usual spot under the prayer alter, and her only puppy, Disney, was resting under the car opposite her. She doesn’t recognize her own pup. They were separated when Disney was just 4 days old.
Out of the 4 white pups of Nancy’s, only Disney survived. One got missing after 2 days, 2 died subsequently. Disney and Nancy were separated because Nancy had vaginal prolapse after delivery and she was taken to the vet for almost 2 weeks. Her pups were fostered by Mrs. Lai
Now they are so near yet so far… if only they knew how they are related… if only Nancy understands what we want to tell her.

Hope she will trust us again and not run away from us. I believe we have to be patient and to give her time to heal not only from her wounds but also from the trauma she has been through. Nancy, if only you knew, we are here not to harm you but to help you.
Little Disney

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