Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hayley has Her Day

Hayley Just before she was adopted
Hayley and Grace during the adoption drive

Grace waiting to be adopted

Long story short, Mr. Matthew and Pooi Leng decided to adopt Haylie as a companion for their

Hayley and Grace were rescued by an elderly Aunty when they were around 3 months old.Though Aunty has good intention of not wanting them to be strays but sad to say she has no time to interact with them. When they were brought home,they were infact neglected in her house though they do not have to worry about food and shelter. I tried my very best bringing them to adoption drives organized by Malaysian Dog Deserves Betteri n hope that they will find a good home . They were very tensed,timid and weary of humans around as they have never seen so many people, so they were never chosen… Luckily my rescuer friend, Eileen, helped me to take beautiful angles of them to be posted on the website and Hayley’s pictures did capture a few attention. Thanks Eileen.

Long story short, Hayley was adopted by Mr Matthew and Pooi Leng as a companion for their own rescued poodle, Rusty.No words could express how glad and happy I am to find an understanding and patient owner for Hayley. Hayley is still a puppy at heart She will still chews on whatever she gets hold of but glad to say she is never reprimanded but instead were taught to be a good. Thanks Matthew and Pooi Leng for of your patience. Just hope that Hayley’s sister Grace will find an understanding owner as you both

On behalf of doggies and volunteers here thanks for your support and from the puppies in the shed thanks for the kibbles and treat you bought. The puppies love your kibbles!

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