Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back to June - Mei Mei was adopted

Mei Mei, a parvo survivor, was hospitalised in Dr Kiew's clinic for nearly a month in June. Thanks goodness that she fought till the end. Mei Mei, now re-named Yuki, was adopted by a nice lady, Janice, in the month of early July.
The 2 pictures were taken in Janice's house, she is much healthier and in better shape now.

In this picture, Aunty Kiew tidied up Mei Mei while waiting for Janice to come to pick her up. See, Mei was so thin then, just after discharged from the clinic.
Thank you our dear friend, Janice for giving Mei a good home. Mei/Yuki is happier than ever.
P/S : Mei Mei is the younger sister of Baby and CheChe, I witnessed the scene CheChe came to say goodbye to Mei when Janice brought Mei home. It was so touching. They somehow knew that they are going to be separated forever...

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